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Gold Coin Porcelain Necklace With Adjustable Chain


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Porcelain necklace for the real fashionista


  • Materials: porcelain, gold lustre, gold plated stainless steel
  • Chain lenght: 52cm and 47cm
Porcelain crafting is a long process which requires diligence and patience. At first all jewellery was formed, sanded and bisque fired. After that, all pieces were sanded again, cleaned, glazed and high fired in 1260 degrees Celsius. At last, it was gold applied. After all crafting porcelain pendant was attached to gold plates stainless steel chain. And now you see this charming porcelain necklace.

All jewellery is handmade, each piece has slight variances (i.e. shape, pattern of gold/platinum lustre) that add to its charm and character. However, we would never sell any pieces we felt were not more than perfect.

Porcelain pendant comes in a gift box.