Porcelain Earrings - Platinum Plated Oval Earrings


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These porcelain earrings make you look more attractive. 


  • Materials: porcelain, platinum lustre
  • Hardware: silver posts + silver ear nuts
  • Size:  length approx. 50 mm ( approx. 2 inches)

Porcelain crafting is a long process which requires diligence and patience. At first all jewellery was formed from porcelain stained by us, sanded and bisque fired. After that, all pieces were sanded again, cleaned, glazed and high fired in 1260 degrees Celsius. At last, it was platinum applied. When all pieces were ready, they were attached to posts.
And now you see them: eye-catching dangle earrings from porcelain.

Jewellery comes in a gift box.